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There is nothing more musically satisfying than the experience of removing a record from it's jacket, lowering it onto a turntable, anticipating how it will sound and make one feel. There is just something more personal about that experience. As if the boundary between the artist has disappeared and the emotional connection of the music is all one experiences.

For the past 50 years Rega Research's products has been designed to achieve the best musical performance and deliver a lifetime of musical enjoyment at an affordable price. To this day, Rega remains a dedicated British manufacturer and now employs over 140 people selling to 46 different countries. Rega is known for their simplicty of design and beauty of sound. We have every Rega turntable available for demonstration.

SME is one of the crown jewels of the british audio industry. Their headquarters, nestled in the foothills of the beautiful South Downs in West Sussex, one will find the headquarters of one of the world's finest engineering companies. For SME does not just build some of the most desirable turntables and tonearms but undertakes leading edge engineering projects for Formula 1 racing teams and aerospace firms. This is a company that builds analog replay equipment to the sort of tolerances that NASA specifies for its spacecraft. That is why their turntable system sits proudly in our reference system. Available for demonstration every day.

DS Audio
It has been about 70 years since the advent of the moving coil and moving magnet cartridges, which use tiny coils and magnets attatched to cantileavers to generate electrical signals from record grooves. However DS Audio has developed a cartridge system that is a total paradigm shift. No coils or magnets. The cartridge itself is an active component. It attaches to its power supply/phono section to produce some of the most incredible sound one has ever experienced from an LP. Installed and calibrated in the SME turntable for demonstration.

The Mobile Fidelity turntables are designed in collaboration with one of the world's formost turntable and tonearm designers, Allen Perkins. Custom designed and manufactured in the US these turntables offer significant value. On demonstration with their record clamp and phono stage.

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There is nothing quite like the sound of your favorite record playing on a hi-fi turntable. Rediscover music at Stereo Stereo.

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Stereo Stereo carries the following turntable brands

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Record Cleaning

The groove of a record is between 0.4 to 0.8mm wide; unbelievably small. The deeper the stylus can get into that groove the more music one will be able to hear. In order for the needle to get into that groove deeply the record needs to be as clean as possible. I actually advise my clients that a less expensive turntable used with a great record cleaning machine will give much better results. Stereo Stero has 2 amazing record cleaning machines on demonstration. Bring in a record that you adore and we will compare after it has been properly cleaned.

Thge best cleaner I have ever experienced. This ultrasonic LP cleaner is very easy to operate, has some cool sophisticated features, very well built and delivers a perfectly cleaned quiet record.

This German built machine provided one touch, single button operation that makes record cleaning as simple as possible. The best brush based machine on the market.


LP Wall

As soon as one enters Stereo Stereo you are greeted by the LP wall. This is why I opened the store. To share my passion for music first and foremost. The wall holds 36 new LP's that are for sale and change monthly. Stereo Stereo has over 100 titles for sale from every genre.

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Stereo Stereo carries the following record cleaner brands

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