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A private musical experience

Every music lover should have a great pair of headphones. Headphones are the very best way for one to have a private musical experience. With high-performance options available from many of the very best brands I am certain we can find you a pair that works well for all types of listening.

Audeze headphones are renowned for their use of planar magnetic technology and are precision engineered in the USA. The LCD X and MM 500 are some of the most popular headphones that mixing engineers use for the biggest music artists in the world. They are comfortable, extremely well made, beautiful to own and are available for demonstration every day.

iFi Audio
iFi Audio is one of those companies that I love to represent. They manufacture nice looking, well designed and performing products at reasonable prices. They are a serious audio tech company with one aim in mind - to improve your musical enjoyment. They create products that eradicate noise and distortion from your headphones and music systems. Stereo Stereo has a wonderful representation of iFi's products available for demonstration.

Ferrum Audio
How can one not love a company whose inspiration is the worlds famous composer and pianist Frederick Chopin? Being born only 26 miles from company headquarters, Ferum Audio designs musically inspired equipment that will emotionally move any music and audio lover. Now on permanent display for demonstration.

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Hearing is believing. The only way to truly understand the differences with headphones is to try them in person. Let us show you.

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Stereo Stereo carries the following headphone brands

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