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When assembling a high quality music system, cable and power products are usually considered an add on; something that is not considered as important as speakers or amplifiers. That approach is not a valid one based on the criteria that Stereo Stereo uses for evaluating all products; sound quality. We leave the science behind these products to the experts in this field. But it is the emotional impact these products can have on the sound of our systems that is important. And Shunyata Research produces the finest sounding cables and power conditioners in the world.

Shunyata Research
Shunyata Research designs and manufacturers the world's most advanced electrical and signal system products. Backed by multiple patents and the design talents of former military scientist Caelin Gabriel, Shunyata Research products have earned applications not only in the finest home audio systems ever assembled, but within the world's most critical recording, mastering, film and surgical systems.

Stereo Stereo has a comprehensive selection of Shunyata's products in our showroom for demonstration.

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Dynamics are actually improved reducing any sense of dynamic strain often heard from amplifiers that are connected with lesser power cables.

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