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Improved sound quality without distortion

Do you remember the first time you experienced HDTV? The clarity of the picture, the brilliance and depth of the color? Seeing a sporting event on HDTV changed everything. Well that is how you will feel when you hear high resolution music played through a high performance streamer at Stereo Stereo. It is like hearing music that you are familiar for the first time. We have high performance D/A Coverters and Streamers starting at $600.00.

When it comes to digital-to-analogue conversion dCS is the very best money can buy. dCS was involved in pioneering high-resolution conversion in the late-1990s and implementing DSD capabilities in its products early on. From the beginning dCS has refused to do things the easy way, so rather than buy off-the-shelf DAC chips from large OEM suppliers such as Burr Brown, it chose to develop its own converter technology called the Ring DAC. This results in the highest quality, best sounding streamers in the world.

HiFi Rose
HiFi Rose is new to the U.S. although it is not a new company. Its parent firm Citech was founded in Korea in 1954 to make set-top boxes for TVs. In 2017, its Director Sean Kim decided to create a division within the company for audio. Hence, HiFi Rose.

A streaming DAC frequently accesses thousands, if not millions, of files from a NAS device or the Internet, so the user interface is very important. HiFi Rose felt this is where many companies fell short, and they placed an emphasis on making the user experience enjoyable. So not only do their products sound amazing but using one is a joy.

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It is all in the design. We believe that one can achieve a wonderful balance of performance and reliability through a proper design; installing systems that are beautiful, intuitive and reliable.

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