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Sound you can feel

Imagine being in the room when The Beatles recorded their amazing music. When David Gilmore laid down his guitar solo for the iconic song Money. Actually being there when Paul Simon sang with Ladysmith Black Mambazo and recorded Homeless. Or when the London Philharmonic Orchestra played those infamous first 8 seconds of what would become the Star Wars intro. Imagine hearing for the first time Howard Shore's string melody from the main theme of The Lord of The Rings ever emanated from a speaker. We carry many brands of speakers that can that provide that experience.

Bowers and Wilkins
Some of history's most important film scores and albums were originally mixed and mastered on B&W speakers. They are used by many of the most respected sound engineers in the world and a mainstay at the most famous recording studio in the world: Abbey Road Studios. Bowers and Wilkins 800 D3 speakers are deployed in the iconic Studio One and 801's are supplying the sound in the Studio Two control room.

Wilson Audio
When Stereo Stereo was given the opportunity to become a Wilson Audio partner I was elated and extremely excited. Wilson Audio are the finest American made speakers in the world. For over 20 years Wilson has worked toward the goal of ultimate perfection in loudspeaker design. Their products create a unique connection to music unlike any other loudspeaker that I have heard. That is why their products are used by musicians, heralded music and movie producers, recording professionals and music lovers all over the world.

Wilson Audio speakers at Stereo Stereo photo

Do you wonder what your favorite track or album sounds like on the loudspeakers trusted by the best engineers and producers in the world? Well let us show you.

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Stereo Stereo carries the following speaker brands

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