How Stereo Stereo selects brands

When choosing which products to represent, many factors are considered.

1) Does the product have wonderful design and sound?

2) Would I want this product in my own home?

3) Does the manufacturer have reputation for great customer service?

However, the main and most important factor is my personal and emotional attachment to all of them.

When I opened my first hi fi shop The Audio Gallery at 25 years old, I was exposed to a different type of audio product created by people who understood the emotional connection between audio and music.  I immediately responded to those products and the people who shared that vision. At age 63, I had the fortune to visit Wilson Audio in Utah. At the various training sessions, I met Sheryl Lee and Daryl Wilson and the entire Wilson team. I saw firsthand the immense passion they have to design, manufacture and deliver the finest speakers in the world. I have similar stories for all of the brands that I represent. Relationships mean everything to me. Whether it is with one of these manufacturers or the customers that I meet and share these brands with, I am certain you will be moved by what you see and hear.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

Dali Lama

With the plethora of smart devices on the market, we have never had so many ways to connect with our homes.

Yet, people still feel disconnected in them. Companies offer to future proof your home, but that is really not possible and is a misconception. Everything changes, and it’s how we prepare for that change that differentiates us from other companies. After designing, selling, programming and installing home automation systems for over 20 years, I understand and have had the time to contemplate this issue. The technology that is supposed to enhance our lives usually brings frustration. We have all had the experience of “pushing the button” and the system not working. Or asking for the lights to go on and instead, you hear music. What can be more frustrating than having the device that promised us a better experience actually making our lives worse?

Stereo Stereo can solve that issue.

It is all in the design. We believe that one can achieve a wonderful balance of performance and reliability through a proper design; installing systems that are beautiful, intuitive and reliable. Keep in mind that a good design becomes better with time and use. Visit our showroom and you can experience our design for yourself.

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