I Use Mine Every Night

Discover how audio should actually sound. We can help you choose the right audio components so listening to both movies and music will be a truly immersive experience.

Whether it’s The Beatles, Mozart or AC/DC, listening to music on a hi-fi system is a wonderful and even euphoric experience.

We all can remember certain songs that bring up joyful memories. Research has shown that the ”chill” sensation one experiences listening to music can be seen on brain scans and is linked to the brain’s reward and pleasure systems. I absolutely believe that music is essential to our livelihood.

It is this belief that ultimately led me to open Stereo Stereo. It does not matter whether you are considering a hi-fi or cinema system. It should be judged by its music capabilities first and foremost; the sound and emotion of live music. I do not think that most people have experienced, heard and know what a real-life explosion, violent car crash, or bomb sounds like. But most have heard a live guitar or piano played in a music venue. The sound of the human voice singing. That is why we always play music first when demoing our cinema systems. If the music moves you and sounds right conversely the sound effects will as well.

If you have never experienced a wonderful music or cinema system and the effect it can have please come to the store. I would love to be the person who introduces you to ”that moment.” How the music washes over you. The feeling of being totally involved and listening with your whole body; not just your ears. Wanting to listen for hours at a time and sharing the experience with family or friends. It is that powerful and I cannot wait to share this with you.


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